Soft Sculpture/Landscape Quilt Artist

Connie Thompson

About the artist

“There are so many wonderful things in this life, but so often we forget to enjoy what has been given us - my Art Dolls are a blend of fabrics, fibers, findings and a touch of whimsy – whose sole purpose is to make my audience smile and remember how we are blessed.”

"My work always seems to start with color – I spend the most enjoyable part of my day mixing, matching, and contrasting the color of my fabric stash first. I am also very conscious of the feel of fabrics so at the same time I look for different textures, types, and drape of the materials. These are “poured” out onto my studio floor so I can observe the general feel from a distance. As I take this in, the doll starts to take shape in my mind. Theme, size, stance, skin tones, and possible accents come to mind. At this point I start laying out a general pattern for the construction of the piece, adjusting and conforming it to the materials I have on hand. Then the fun really starts as my work begins to flow from me through my sewing machine. A basic form takes shape, architecture begins with mounds of fiber fill, the facial features are sculpted in and drawn, costuming ensues, and finally hours of hand sewing details finish the piece. I never know where this journey will take me – but when I stand back, look, and smile, I know I have arrived."

Connie Thompson's art stems from a life long passion for creative and decorative sewing. Her interests began at a very young age as she learned various forms of needlework at her mother's knee. She became an accomplished seamstress by age 13 and continued from that point to broaden her abilities as she discovered the art of fabric manipulation, design, and decoration through varied techniques and processes. Art took the back seat as she attended school at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, where she received her degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology. Later she returned to the UW-Madison for her further education and certification in Ultrasound Technology. Not completely happy with the rigors of medical life she decided to retire and concentrate on her family, which includes her husband and 3 children. Shortly after this, she was introduced to porcelain doll making and tutored under a local artist for 3 years. Porcelain, however, lacked the creativity she wanted. The turning point of her life occurred in 1997 when she joined a local fabric doll art club. A new world was opened to her as she studied various artists patterns, took classes in the art, discussed methods with artists on the internet, and experimented with her own work. By 1999 her passion of this art form outgrew her home and family so she decided to share her creations with the world. She founded Dollightful Creations and has exhibited her work throughout much of the Midwest. In addition she teaches her art form to adults and children in a variety of community classes. Today her work has developed into it's own form but is still constantly changing as she discovers new fiber/fabric techniques to incorporate into her pieces. Each of her whimsical soft sculptured figures is a unique combination of colorful and often intense fabrics, fibers, and numerous findings. She often 'fuses' fabrics and fibers into one piece to create a new and unusual look, which appeals to her inner sense of color and imagination. The facial features she gives to each character use a combination of needle sculpting, painting and drawing. Each piece is her expression of the joy and wonder she sees throughout God's creation. 

Professional Affiliations:  
Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council
Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople
14 South Artists

2005 Judges Choice, Sauk County Art Association, Baraboo WI
2007 Merit Award, Wausau Festival of the Arts, Wausau WI
2011 Award of Excellence, Monument Square Art Fair, Racine WI

2013 Honorable Mention Award Wausau Festival of the Arts, Wausau WI

2014 Honorable Mention Award Wausau Festival of the Arts, Wausau WI

Group Exhibitions:
2006 Beaver Dam Area arts Association Fiber Art Exhibit
2007 Beaver Dam Area arts Association Fiber Art Exhibit
2009 WAAC Member Exhibit, UW Hospital, Madison WI