Soft Sculpture/Landscape Quilt Artist

Connie Thompson

Walk with me

This mother-daughter piece is made of a variety of batiks.  The figures are wrapped in a beaded silk scarf.  They are mounted on a wooden stand and is about 13 inches tall.



Mavis is a stunner - Dressed in a black knit with a black, white, and metallic gold skirt, she is ready to hit the town!  Multiple pearl stands drape her neck and her hair is adorned with metallic strands



Gladys is a real charmer!  Her figure is made of an unusual painted cotton.  She is sporting a demin skirt and a vest trimmed with a yellow tatting.  Her hair is made from multiple yarns.


Wisdom is the Tree of Life - Prov. 3:18

This piece stands regally at about 14 inches tall.  She is draped in multiple batiks and displays a small landscape of a tree on her apron.  The doll is enhanced with multiple beads, jewelry, and fibers


On the shores of Gitchee Gummee

This is a marvelous piece which combines features of nature, a miniature landscape quilt, and a soft sculpture art doll.  The art doll stands permanently affixed to driftwood of Lake Superior.  She is made of batik and wrapped in a chiffon scarf, accented with stone beads.  She holds a worn pebble from her namesake lake  - Lake Superior.  The quilt is a depiction of a photograph I took in 2014 or the northern shore of the great lake Gittchee Gummee.



This piece is a wonderful combination of batiks and chiffon.  Blair had beaded joints and wired hands.  Her hair is mass of colorful yarns and she has fashionable pink shoes.



Meet Kiki the animal trainer!  She stands 14 inches high on a painted wooden base decorated with small circus animals. Her body is a batik and skirted with a sequined chiffon. Her sculpted head and face is topped with a multicolored yarn wig.  An agate stone belt, beaded necklace and wooden bead joints complete her look.



She is styling with her orange batick body and striped chiffon skirt.  Fully jointed she will sit anywhere.  She is trimmed with beads, a pinned belt and wig from multitude of yarns.



Madeline is a wonderful piece which when seated is about 9 inches tall.  Her body is of batick  and jointed with wooden beads.  Her clothing is all reclaimed fabrics, further decorated with beads.  Her hair is a mix of wonderful yarns and threads.