Autumn Fire

This unusual quilt is pieced and mounted on a white artist canvas for easy mounting or framing.  It measures 5"x 7".


Spring Meadow

Mountain Valley - Psalms 113:3

This quilt measures 9"x 14" quilt depicts a mountain sunset in the southwest United States.


Connie Thompson

Moonless Night - sold

Carribean Sun -

3D Quilting

3D Quilting has become a new passion for me. Each small landscape quilt wall hanging is enhanced with my many finds from our travels, In these pieces the Drift wood and polished stones come from the shores of lake Superior and the shells from the beaches of St. Augustine Florida.

$49.00 each

Woodland Sunset #1 and #2.  They can be purchased individually or buy both to hang them side by side.


This is a 8"x 10" quilt is mounted on a black artist canvas for easy framing or hanging.


Soft Sculpture/Landscape Quilt Artist

Birches in the Moonlight - SOLD